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The world of work is constantly transforming. This atmosphere, driven by the changes in the needs of a variable workforce, provides an opportunity for you as a property owner because a flexible workforce means more tenants for you.

With DesqWorx you can explore new features of such adaptable rentals by quickly converting small vacancies into valuable assets. DesqWorx offers the industry’s first end-to-end digital platform designed for an effortless booking experience that will enable landlords to build a network of valuable tenants. We build long-lasting and indispensible relationships with our clients as we create a business community that is beneficial to all.

Change is inevitable. Recent research suggests that in the current culture of cutthroat competition and rapidly changing work environments the use of flexible workspaces is the smart thing to do. We are always looking to expand and if you bring us your property we will maximize its potential, thus helping you achieve above market returns.

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Why work with us?

DesqWorx provides a revolutionary new platform that will enable you to quickly and readily build a diverse tenant base for your space. Our wide selection of flexible workspaces can assist all types of businesses as we can develop into an incubator facility for start-ups or offices for small and large enterprises that eventually expand into a bigger space often in your building. This will add value to your building and develop a wider network of potential tenants.

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What we are looking for

Flagship buildings – Located at the centre of business districts and business parks City centre locations - Buildings that encompass retail, consumer and a wide range of dining experiences and are easily accessible by transport hubs.

As our clients are always evolving, we need partners who think progressively and want to grow with us as part of a larger community.

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What we deliver

Not only do we make sure empty spaces and desks become occupied swiftly, increasing your revenue stream, we do so while we keep our clients happy. We have a wide range of satisfied customers with exclusive services as quality concierge services, on call customer support, and premium secretarial services. As a result of our established experience as superior business centre operators in providing contemporary workplace designs and quality support delivered by our highly skilled client services team, our clients have great confidence in working with us.

All this and more consistently delivers a valuable and profitable business proposition for you, our clients and us.

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DesqWorx Partnerships and Opportunities

Whether you’re a big company, mature investor or experienced entrepreneur, if you would like to partner with us, fill out the form below and one of our staff members will get back to you straight away.

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